Lizabeth Yagupolskiy

NYC fitness club trainer



    Lizabeth Yagupolskiy has led an active lifestyle throughout much of her life. Her physical activities started at an early age by doing ballroom dance, modern dance, ballet, tennis, and swimming. Dancing has been a big part of her life as she had the opportunity to perform. Once that stopped, ZumbaTM was a supplement for the dancing that she missed out on. ZumbaTM made her feel right at home. Lizabeth has experience teaching ZumbaTM of over 3 years.

    ZumbaTM allows for anindividual to let loose weight and have fun. The music, energy, and dancing gives room for an overall joyous experience. Besides teaching Zumba, Lizabeth also teaches STRONG by ZumbaTM. This high intensity interval class brings a workout like no other. In this class, themusic helps you push yourself to complete body weight exercises. At the end of both classes, you will feel better than ever. Besides working at NYC Fitness Club, she is also a tutor in Mathematics. Lizabeth, in her spare time, enjoys drawing, photography, and continues her physical activities with hiking in the country’s greatest parks.