Yoga is a holistic and multi-dimensional theory of knowledge of ourselves and the world around us that has a thousand year of history. It is very specific science as there are many specific exercises and techniques, allowing to realize their inner potential, reveal inherent in every person colossal physical and mental abilities, keep yourself in good physical shape.

Doing yoga classes people leave “monotony of everyday life” and go into new, absolutely fantastic and magical world becoming more open, sincere, kind, begin to live more vibrant, rich, full life. Yoga not only helps to improve physical health, find a strong, slender, hardy body, but also allows you to fully realize yourself in all areas of life – work and school, in your career and business, family and interpersonal relationships, professional and personal development, and many other areas of human activity.

Program Highlights

  •  Physical health, good energy tone, burst of energy and vitality
  •  Beautiful, solid, slender body
  •  Mental health, stress relieve, calmness, balance
  •  Inner harmony and freedom, sense of joy and happiness
  •  Internal, spiritual development