Break Dance & Hip Hop

Break-dance (also called breaking or b-boying) is a type of dance that is done by people who are part of the hip hop culture. B-boy or b-girlmeans boy or girl who dances on breaks (breakbeats). The dance style evolved during the 70s and 80s in big cities of the United States. Breaking uses different body movements, spins, arm movements, leg movements. There are four categories in break-dance. They are toprock, footwork, power moves and freezes. Many of moves come from gymnastics and kung-fu. All of breaking moves are done to the rhythm of hip hop music.

Hip-hop dance is a broad category that includes a variety of styles new and old.The older dance styles that were created in the 1970s include uprock, breaking, and the funky styles.The funk styles refers to several street dance styles created in California in the 1970s such as roboting, bopping, hitting, locking, bustin’, popping, electric boogaloo, strutting, sac-ing, and dime-stopping. Before reaching movie audiences, hip-hop dance was already being broadcast on the television show Soul Train.

Hip-hop is a very energetic form of dancing. What distinguishes hip-hop from other forms of dance is that it is  “freestyle” (improvisational) in nature. It is unique in that it allows its
dancers to perform with freedom of movement, adding in their own personalities.