Juice Shop

Juice Shop

Our juice shop, located to the left of the lobby, is a great way to start or end your workout! By starting your day in the gym with a pre-workout supplement or a nutritious sandwich we have it all. Regain and restore with our protein shakes and fresh fruit before leaving as well.


All of our drinks are made fresh, from only pure and raw ingredients. Our liquid nutrition is designed to keep you nutritionally satiated and energized, by maximizing your experience while replenishing your body with greens, fruits and seeds.


Our type of juicing includes blending combinations of whole fruits and vegetables. This process enhances the nutritional composition of the beverage, as it provides all the natural vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and antioxidants found in the raw ingredients. Add to your training session sip of freshness, vitality and health.


Healthy juices and smoothies are designed to supply your body, muscles and bones with vital minerals and vitamins to ensure faster recovery after workout session.