Dante DiGrazia



Dante DiGrazia is a 3rd dan Black Belt in Oyama e no Michi Karate, an offshoot of World Oyama Karate.

As a child, he lived in a Karate dojo and began training in martial arts at an age he cannot remember.

He has trained with professional Kickboxers and Muay Thai fighters and continues to branch out into other disciplines to enhance and evolve his own unique fighting style. In addition to studying and teaching karate, he trains in both gi and no-gi Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu.

Sensei Dante brings jiu-jitsu elements into his teaching, adding a dynamic layer of grappling that is unique to Oyama e no Michi Karate.

He is also a competent fight coach, since he understands what it means to stand in the ring or cage. Sensei Dante competes in Mixed Martial Arts competitions in New York and New Jersey.